With interests in computer systems aroused early in my childhood, I started studying computer science at Paderborn University in 2009. During most of my bachlor’s studies, I worked as a Linux system administrator at the university’s central data center (IMT), administering a couple of hundred virtual machines as well as the underlying virtualization and storage infrastructure.

In 2013 I received my bachelor’s degree with my thesis about Secure Storage of Confidential Data in Distributed Revision Control Systems. Afterwards, I entered the international master’s degree course at Paderborn University. One of my master’s courses led me down the rabbit hole of electronics, digital hardware design and reconfigurable computing. These new interests got me started as a student research assistant at the Computer Engineering Group in 2014. In 2016 I graduated with my master’s thesis about Localization and Analysis of Code Paths Suitable for Acceleration using Approximate Computing.

After my studies, I started working at the Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC2) as a research associate in the High-Performance Computing Group with a focus on approximate computing and FPGA acceleration of scientific codes. In 2022 I defended my dissertation with the title Bringing Massive Parallelism and Hardware Acceleration to Linear Scaling Density Functional Theory Through Targeted Approximations. Since then, I am working as a scientific advisor for FPGA acceleration at the NHR center PC2.

I am glad that over the years I had the opportunity to touch areas quite different to my professional career. Before starting my studies I have been working as a UAP in Mara I, a hospital specialized for patients suffering from epilepsy. Additionally, I have been managing partner of a small company for more than eleven years, which allowed me to take a sneak peek into entrepreneurship and helped me finance my studies. Photography and music as a hobby allow me to be creative beyond my daily business.

As is probably apparent from the contents of this blog, I’m personally quite interested in open source software, hardware design and electronics.