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Zynq ACP AxCACHE & AxUSER signals

If you want to use the AXI_ACP interface on a Xilinx Zynq SoC for coherent memory access from the PL, you have to set the AxUSER and AxCACHE signals accordingly. Unfortunately the Zynq TRM in section 3.5.1 only tells you how to set ARUSER[0]ARCACHE[1] and AWUSER[0]AWCACHE[1], respectively. So, what to do with the other bits?

Posts in the Xilinx forums suggest that most people just set all bits of AxUSER and AxCACHE to 1 and this typically works. For a description of all possible values have a look at ARM’s documentation for the Cortex-A9 and PL 310 IP cores that are used in the Zynq SoC:

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