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Using the HackRF One as a wideband spectrum analyzer

The HackRF One is a popular software defined radio (SDR) device, supporting not only reception but also the transmission of radio signals in the range between 1 MHz and 6 GHz. A new feature in the HackRF firmware now allows using it as a spectrum analyzer over the full 6 GHz range.

The 20 MHz bandwidth of the HackRF One always allowed you to use it as a real-time spectrum analyzer if the spectrum of interest was narrower than 20 MHz (screenshot taken from gqrx):

Recently, with release 2017.02.01 of the HackRF firmware and tools, a sweep mode was added which allows you to use the device as a wideband spectrum analyzer over the full 6 GHz spectrum. A corresponding backend was added to QSpectrumAnalyzer (hackrf_sweep), making it possible to interactively setup the sweep functionality and to visualize the spectrum:

Using this feature, you can also look at specific frequency ranges, e.g. WiFi and cellular networks in your area, ISM bands or your local DVB-T stations as shown in the screenshot below.

Currently, there are still a few issues, mainly performance-wise:

  • hackrf_sweep sometimes drops frequency bins on high system load. In QSpectrumAnalyzer, this is dealt with by entirely dropping sweeps with wrong bin count. Depending on the system load, this can significantly reduce the effective sweep rate.
  • Depending on the frequency range and the bin size, the sweep rate of hackrf_sweep overloads QSpectrumAnalyzer, rendering the application unusable. As a workaround, rate limiting was added by allowing to set a minimum sweep interval. hackrf_sweep will still run with its native sweep rate but QSpectrumAnalyzer will drop sweeps to reduce the rate accordingly.

The mentioned workarounds are in place since QSpectrumAnalyzer 2.2.0.

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